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Boring Beer

American Lager - ABV: 4%
We're taking back beer, Boring Beer that is. Boring Beer is our American Lager. Boring Beer is light, easy-drinking, and goes down smooth. Boring Beer is the perfect beer after a hard day's work. if you're looking for a beer that's refreshing and uncomplicated, Boring Beer is the way to go!

Hello Rockview

Black Currant, Vanilla, & Lactose Sour Ale - ABV: 4.5%
Hello Rockview is a collaboration between the inimitable local homebrewer Michael Schuler and Streetside. This Milkshake Berliner Weisse is fruited copiously with Black Currant and lends its sweetness to oodles of Lactose and Vanilla. Tart, sweet, fruity, berliner's just the way we like them.

My Friends Over You

New England IPA - ABV: 6.6%
My Friends Over You is a New England IPA collaboration with our great friends at Nine Giant. Utilizing Kohatu and Motueka, MFOY starts with intense notes of tropical fruit, dankness, and pineapple. The aroma is created by Lime and Lemon Zest. Honey Malt provides a nice sweetness, while Citra rounds out the flavor with orange and tangerine.

Nice Catch!

Candy Redfish Sour Ale - ABV: 6%
Streetside, you've done it again! When hit with an unexpected shortage of a certain fruity confection, the brewing team put their heads together and came up with an even crazier candy sour. Nice catch, guys! Packed to the gills with Candy Redfish flavor that could possibly be lingonberry (nobody knows for sure) this tangy sour will smack your tastebuds from the high Nordic seas straight to the summer sidewalk!


Key Lime Pie Milkshake IPA - ABV: 7.5%
Beachside is our newest collaboration that we brewed with our great friends over at Hoppin' Vines. This Key Lime Pie Milkshake IPA was brewed to celebrate the good days spent on the beach, enjoying a cold one with friends and family. Hopped exclusively with Citra, bright citrus compliments the decadent vanilla and delightful graham cracker. We hope you take Beachside with you on all your summer adventures!

Game ball

Golden Ale - ABV: 5%
Game Ball, our golden ale, is brewed for celebrating all your favorite Cincinnati sports teams. Brewed with just enough maltiness to keep this beer tasting like the full flavored Streetside beer you know and love, we kept it light enough to drink all day. Whether it be soccer, hockey, baseball, or football (or what-ever you're into!) we've got you covered with this crushable golden ale.

Peanut Butter Marshmallow Speak Of The Devil

Imperial Pastry Stout - ABV: 12%
AVERT YOUR EYES; the darkest, most dessert-y being from the pastry realm has arrived. Peanut Butter Marshmallow Speak of the Devil, it's here, and it's ready to kick you in the a**. Delicious peanut butter, rich marshmallow, the pastry stout base you know and love. uoy raeh llits ew


Strawberry, Raspberry, and Pink Lemonade Sour Ale - ABV: 4.5%
Saturday is a sessionable, light Sour Ale with Strawberry, Raspberry, and Pink Lemonade. Featuring tart Lemon, fruity Berry, and light acidity, Saturday is made to enjoy while floating on a river, mowing the grass, or playing with the dog. This beer is perfect for bringing the fun to any low-key summer occasion.

English Mild

English Style Dark Mild Ale - ABV: 4%
How’s that for a slice of fried gold? We brewed up an English classic, meant to be sipped on all day. Our all-new English Mild is as standard as it gets, brewed with English Chocolate, Crystal, and Black Malt, with a traditional pub yeast, and spunded to capture that natural carbonation for that silky, smooth mouthfeel that cask beer enjoyers have come to know and love.


Tangerine Marshmallow Berliner Weisse - ABV: 4.5%
It’s easy to think faster is always better. A fast computer, faster reflexes, fast food, these are a few of our favorite things. But our absolute favorite thing is beer, and that, my friends, is a case study in patience and process. As such, we took our sweet time crafting this Berliner with our friends up at Vryal. Tangy tangerine puts some extra pep in your step, rounded out by smooth, sweet marshmallow. Hurry up and take it slow. Enjoy the Latency while it lasts.

Suh, Brah?

New England IPA - ABV: 6.7%
Starting with an intense nose of stone fruit, grapefruit and light pineapple, the aroma is rounded out by the citrusy and piney notes from our double dry hop of Simcoe Hops. The flavor leads with a soft pineapple/peach flavor, dank undertones of pine and citrus, finishing with a fluffy, almost creamy body.


New England IPA - ABV: 7.5%
Accio Mash Paddle! Streetside won the House Cup and scored some Galaxy for a special brew that we whipped up in Potions with Professor Snape. Fresh Citra combines with the Galaxy for passionfruit and citrus aromatics that you can smell all the way to Herbology class.

Blue Monday

Blue Ice Cream Sour Ale - ABV: 4.5%
Rough weekend? We’ve got something that’s sure to cheer you up. I scream, you scream, and we all scream for Blue Monday. This delicious blue ice cream sour ale is a flavor all Cincinnatians will recognize. Blueberry and vanilla swirl together, creating a cool, ice creamy confection we could only dream of.