Our Story

The idea was to open a little taproom in the neighborhood and make some decent beer. When the Hickey family decided to build on Garrett and Brian’s passion for home-brewing, nobody foresaw the awards, the distribution network, the packaging line… they were too busy with their heads down, pushing it forward. With Brian’s manufacturing and sales acumen, Kathie bringing her experience as a founding TSF board member and community volunteer to daily operations and front of house, and Garrett honing his globetrotting pedigree as a brewer, they all put one foot in front of the other, week in and week out. Working day and night just to keep the doors open. And by the time anyone stopped to smell the roses, their small family enterprise had blossomed into one of Cincinnati’s favorite breweries. In a town packed to the gills with craft beer culture and with no shortage of breweries ranging from micro to massive, that’s no small feat. 

A lot has happened in the ensuing seven years. Early brewing experiments like Raspberry Beret and Demogorgon have gone on to win multiple awards, become fan-favorite product lines, and warrant tentpole release events. Distribution now ranges all throughout mid and southern Ohio. We built a whole other bar out on the patio. Some faces have come and gone, others have settled down and started families, and everybody here is a little older and wiser, but some things at Streetside Brewery never change. Our commitment to pushing the boundaries of brewing and serving up excellent beer is the same as it ever was, and the Hickeys still show up at work down here nearly every day, pushing it forward. Forward, onward, and upward.

From all of us, thanks for joining Streetside’s journey.

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