Suh Brah - New England Style IPA

New England IPA: A Craft Beer Brain Teaser

Streetside Brewery is excited to announce its newest beer: Suh, Bra. This New England IPA is all about the hops but with none of the bitter.

What’s a New England IPA, you ask? The style isn’t particularly new, but it is definitely taking over the scene, much like West Coast-style IPAs did back in 2008. Here’s a brief history. A New England-style IPA was first brewed by brewer Greg Noonan at Vermont Pub and Brewery in Burlington, VT. The hazy style was unique to the brewery, but Noonan’s employee John Kimmich eventually took the style to his own brewery – and in a new direction.

Kimmich opened The Alchemist Brewery (now located in Stowe, VT) in 2003. The New England-style IPA gained national attention there due to the creation of The Alchemist Heady Topper IPA in 2007.

Heady Topper is an unfiltered IPA with very aromatic fruity hops and yeast esters, light fluffy body, very low bitterens and using a yeast strain nicknamed “Conan,” which was created by Kimmich’s mentor, Noonan. The yeast used created intense aromatics of stone fruit, further enhancing the “fruity” aromatics of hops versus the “grassy and dank” aromatics of a West Coast IPA. Heady Topper has been rated the No. 1 beer in the world by Beer Advocate.

From its Heady Topper birth in 2007 to now, the New England style IPA has continued to gain in popularity. Notable breweries such as Hill Farmstead, Trillium Brewing Company, Tree House Brewing Company, Bissell Brothers and Foundation Brewing Company have all produced New England IPAs.

It was a brain tease, since I had never experienced a beer so hop forward, but with little bitterness. From there I was hooked!

Streetside Lead Brewer, Luke Shropshire, was inspired by fellow Ohio brewery, Hoof Hearted Brewing’s, take on the style.

”They took the style and the haze to a new level, in my opinion, and made beers that looked purely like orange juice. I fell in love with the ‘juicy’ aromatics, the creamy mouthfeel, and no bitterness on the finish,” said Shropshire. “It was a brain tease, since I had never experienced a beer so hop forward, but with little bitterness. From there I was hooked!”

Streetside Brewery’s New England IPA (called Suh, Brah), starts with an intense nose of stone fruit, grapefruit and light pineapple, and then the aroma is rounded out by the citrusy and piney notes from the double dry hop of Simcoe hops. The flavor leads with a soft pineapple/peach flavor, dank undertones of pine and citrus, and finishing with a fluffy, mouthwatering body.