Suh Brah - New England Style IPA

Hello all!

We are trying a new thing here on our site and actually using the blog tab for blogs. As most of you don’t know me, I will introduce myself; I’m Garrett Hickey, the managing brewer/owner of Streetside. I will be using this blog (which will typically be posted on the 1st and 3rd Friday of each month) to tell you what we’ve been up to in the brew house, anything cool we recently purchased, something special about the beers you’re drinking in the tap room, or really anything that comes to my mind (it’s my blog after all). So today I’ll update you on what we’ve been brewing to ease us into this whole blogging venture…

The past few weeks have been extremely busy in the brew house. With canning Suh, Brah? on April 7, we’ve had to move some of our brew days around, but I think everyone will be happy to hear that two old favorites (not really that old, but whatever) have been brewed and will be making a return to the taproom shortly. Raspberry Beret and Sofa King should be on tap in the next two/two-and-half weeks, coinciding pretty closely with the Suh, Brah? can release on April 8.

We’re excited for both, but I thought I’d talk a little bit more about Sofa King. Luke and I did an extensive overhaul on the Sofa King recipe. We heard from many that our attempt to redden the beer was too roast forward (we used Roast Barley, so everyone who said that, you were right on, it should have been roasty). For Batch 2, we switched from Roast Barley to a specialty malt called REDX from Best Malz to give us the red color without the roastiness that we know was a turn off for a lot of people. The benefit of this malt is that we could use almost 80% REDX without having to use another base malt for added gravity. We’re excited for this new iteration to be released, and we hope you are too.

Just a short note on Suh. I will update more on April 6 or 7. (I know the 6th is a Thursday, but I think we’ll be pretty busy canning on Friday, the 7th so I’ll probably write the blog Thursday instead of Friday.) We’re going to be dry hopping in the next few days, but this batch is tasting unbelievably tropical fruity. The passion fruit and guava notes are off the charts! We are crazy-excited for this one. We’ll be posting pictures and details on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

What we’re drinking: literally in our glass right now is Recurrant from Wicked Weed, an American sour ale fermented with Black Currants.

That’s it for now. Thanks for reading.