Growler Care & Cleaning

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You are now the proud owner of a growler of your favorite Streetside Brewery beer! Sure, you know how to enjoy the beloved contents, but do you know how to properly care for its prized vessel?

Here’s all you need to know – thanks to our friends at the Brewers Association:

Keep filled growlers cold and dark. Remember: An increase in temperature will increase pressure and could cause a growler to burst; and light can damage beer by skunking. Eeww.

Brewery studies show that beer quality begins to suffer almost immediately after filling. Within 24 hours, carbonation, mouthfeel and the hallmark flavors of your favorite beer degrade, and within 72 hours stale flavors become obvious. Therefore, growlers should be opened within 24-72 hours of filling and should be consumed promptly within hours after opening. Enjoy responsibly, of course.

Growlers should be thoroughly cleaned, rinsed, and allowed to air-dry immediately after emptying.

  • Detergents should not be fat- or oil-based.
  • Proper detergent ratios should be used to ensure thorough cleaning as well as to avoid residual chemical aromas.
  • The use of a large carboy-type brush can be used to assist in cleaning; however, brushes with exposed metal on any brush part should not be used to clean glass growlers.
  • Growlers should be allowed to completely air-dry and should be stored with the lid unsealed.