Garrett Hickey Elected to Ohio Craft Brewers Board

In elections held during the first three weeks of June, the member breweries of the Ohio Craft Brewers Association (OCBA) elected six representatives to its eleven-member board of directors. Filling one of those open spots is Streetside’s Managing Brewer and Owner, Garrett Hickey. Hickey, along with the other newly elected board members, will be seated in August and serve a two-year term expiring in 2020.

“I’m proud and excited to represent Streetside and the southwest region as a OCBA board member,” said Hickey. “I’m looking forward to advocating for issues that affect all of Ohio’s breweries,” he continued.

Founded in 2007, the Ohio Craft Brewers Association is a nonprofit guild that exists to promote and preserve Ohio’s unified craft brewing industry. It aspires to be recognized as the industry leader at both state and national levels for preserving the art of making high-quality, unique craft beer; to serve as the unified voice for craft brewers across the state; to advocate on behalf of the Ohio craft beer industry; to contribute to systemic, local community development by driving economic and job growth, while creating experiences that bring people together; and to serve as a beacon for local production and manufacturing through craft beer, resulting in diverse choices for consumers.

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