From the Founder: Thank You to the Community

As I look back over our first year of business I continually am amazed at how much support we’ve received. We’ve been blessed with support from other brewers and breweries, our families and friends, our customers and the neighborhood of Columbia Tusculum. We did not achieve more than we anticipated this year because of us, we achieved more because of all the people that have walked in our doors and given us a chance. It’s humbling and we are so blessed to have the colleagues, customers, neighbors and friends that we do.

Looking down the road, (haha) I see more community building through craft beer. Our motto is “the intersection of craft beer and community” and we mean it. We’ve been a part of neighborhood events, as well as larger events in the city. Through all of that, we meet more people who love craft beer and what it means for a community. We plan on being part of more events, not only in our neighborhood but in the community of Cincinnati and Cincinnati brewing.

We are planning quite a party for the 30th and I hope to speak to as many people as possible. If I don’t speak or meet you personally just know how much we appreciate that you choose to spend your time with us!

Kathie Hickey