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All Cans are Subject to Availability. This a List of All The Cans Released By Streetside Brewery.

Time is a Flat Circle

Zac and Garrett put their heads together in the fall of 2020 to figure out the most rad collaboration they could think of. Time is a Flat Circle is the result! This is a blend of six barrels, three from Braxton and three from Streetside. Coconut, cinnamon, and marshmallow come together for the ultimate Cincinnati pastry stout collaboration.

Double Maple Demogorgon

Double Maple Demogorgon is our traditional Demogorgon recipe with Vermont Maple Syrup added, then aged in Rum and Bourbon Maple Syrup barrels. Sticky maple, sweet caramel, and bakers chocolate swirl harmoniously with light bourbon notes to make for the ultimate breakfast beverage. Enjoy this one with your best friend 011 and some Eggo Waffles!

Kid in a Candy Shop

Kid in a Candy Shop, double Milkshake IPA with Strawberry and Raspberry is the scrumptious sweet you've been searching for. Brewed with bushels full of oats and oodles of lactose making for a smooth, delectable, dessert indulgence. Strawberry and Raspberry swirl together to bring the whole dang thing together.

Hell Is Other People

The great folks at Alematic Artisan Ales hit us up late in 2020 to talk about getting together for a collab and boi did we put one together! Hell is Other People is an Imperial Berliner with Pink Guava, Pineapple, and Marshmallow. It is a Tropical Bomb. Tasty guava, tart pineapple, and vanilla-y marshmallow come together for the perfect sultry mid-winter beverage.

Trouble in Paradise

S.O.S. I hear them shoutin' for Trouble in Paradise, our Milkshake Blonde with Mango, Passionfruit, and Pink Guava! Made for sunny days on a hot, hot beach, Trouble in Paradise kicks you right in the head with sticky, sweet fruit, light vanilla ice cream, and a body just light enough that you can sip on this one all day.

Seasonally Inappropes

At the beginning of quarantine we ran a charity raffle to design a beer and brew with the Streetside team, and our good buddies the Wannemacher's won! Garrett and Team Wannemacher, socially distanced designed a recipe that reflected what they wanted. A big ol' chewy pastry stout. The result of those conversations is what you have before you. Chocolate and walnut melt together with biscuit and caramel malts to evoke a pie Garrett hadn't even heard of before it was brought up, the famous(?) Derby Pie. We can't wait for everyone to try this delectable dessert delight!


Team Streetside and Team Wolf's Ridge got together (virtually) early in 2021 to brew a celebration of our two most popular stouts, Demogorgon and Dire Wolf. We combined the recipes for these two mega stouts and aged them for 15 months. This version is finished with Coconut, Pecans, Pistachios, and a touch of Vanilla. You do not want to miss out on this beer.

Kwazy Cupcakes

We collaborated with 3 Sweet Girls Cakery on this big ol' pastry blonde that we modeled after their delicious brownies. This cakey, coconutty, caramelly Pastrywine is the perfect companion to any one of these talented ladies' treats!

Toasted Coconut and Vanilla Demogorgan

Brought up from the depths of the Upside Down, 2021 Toasted Coconut and Vanilla Demogorgon is a 15% leviathan aged in Boone Country Distilling and Four Roses bourbon barrels. This colossus presents captivating flavors of Coconut, Caramel, Dark Chocolate, and sweet Vanilla with a mind-melting mouthfeel. We present to you 2021 Barrel-Aged Toasted Coconut and Vanilla Demogorgon a delicacy the Mindflayer would surely savor.