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All Cans are Subject to Availability. This a List of All The Cans Released By Streetside Brewery.


Made with a blend of the finest German and English malts, along with Mosiac and Citra hops, JOOS3Y delights your tastebuds with intriguing blueberry, enticing citrus, and a light pop of dorm room dank that delivers a cloud-like mouthfeel. JOOS3Y is a dangerously drinkable, deliciously juicy, smooth tropical fruit Double New England IPA.

John Lemon

Based on the homebrew recipe of our buddies Brandon Lomax and Kory Roaden, scaled up for production, John Lemon is a tasty treat hopped generously with Citra for delightful citrus flavors. Lemon juice and vanilla add the perfect lemon meringue and whipped cream flavors, while a smooth milkshake mouthfeel, complemented by our heavy handed oat-filled grist bill, caresses the palate. We hope you enjoy this beer as much as we enjoyed brewing it with our friends!

Interstate Pastry Fight

This collaboration Imperial Stout brings Streetside back to their Dayton roots! We brought in the incredible Barrel House and the amazing Evans Bakery to make the thickest, chocolatiest, donutiest (those aren’t words) stout we could make. Interstate Pastry Fight has notes of milk chocolate, vanilla cream, and tasty tasty donut. Thank you to The Barrel House and Evans Bakery for helping us put this pastry party together!

Here Comes The Sun

Here Comes The Sun is our newest berliner weisse that we brewed to celebrate a union in our Streetside family. Tart Lemon, orange, and vanilla sherbet flavors come together to remind you of your favorite summer treat. This delightful berliner is sure to bring back the sun even on the cloudiest day.

Let them Drink Cake

Hoo boi! This is a big one. Double the milkshake, double the vanilla, double the hops, double it all! Let Them Drink Cake! is our Double Milkshake IPA utilizing African Queen, Citra, and Mosaic hops for a wild blend of cassis, passionfruit, blueberry, and tropical citrus. Blended together with Madagascar Vanilla, this dessert delight is sure to please you! Happy Three Year Anniversary to us!


You've had the rest, now you can have the #blessed. This hazy, juice box was bombed with Citra and Australian Vic Secret! Tantalizing aromas of fresh pineapple, decadent papaya, and luscious passion fruit will have you on your knees thanking the beer gods that you could tick this one off. Fresh tropical fruit and dank flavors caress your palate while you delight in the pillow-soft mouthfeel and heavenly stone fruit esters from our special New England IPA year. This beer makes us feel #blessed and we hope you do too.

Bert Got Dum

Bert Got Dum was brewed in honor of Caleb and Emily's wedding in July 2018 and we loved it so much that we brought it back! Featuring Citra and Lemondrop this wedding cake banger combines the cake, fruit, and milkshake IPA to create a tantalizing dessert dime. Citrus, Raspberry, and light Lemon come together with vanilla to give you the illusion that you were there with the Colberts celebrating their union.


WOO!!! Robe is a satisfying sweet stout that is sure to do the Flair strut! We brewed Robe with red velvet donuts from Holtman's which adds a scrumptious cake cream cheese frosting flavor and aroma. Dark chocolate and rich vanilla knife chop your taste buds while a healthy 9% ABV balances the beer out and is sure to put your brain in a Figure Four. We want to thank Holtman's Donuts and the Cincy Weekend for collaborating on this beer with us and we are sure Robe will get a pop in your town!

My Friends Over You

My Friends Over You is a New England IPA collaboration with our great friends at Nine Giant. Utilizing Kohatu and Motueka, MFOY starts with intense notes of tropical fruit, dankness, and pineapple. The aroma is created by Lime and Lemon Zest. Honey Malt provides a nice sweetness, while Citr a rounds out the flavor with orange and tangerine.

Bee Mine

Brewed in collaboration with BC's Bottle Lodge and Higher Gravity, Bottle Shop Series #1: Bee Mine is a Milkshake IPA inspired by honey cake and brewed with Ohio honey and Raspberry. Idaho Gem, Citra, and Mosaic come together for a heavenly blend of tropical citrus, complex stone fruit, and delightful raspberry aromatics. The reddish pink hue comes from 630lbs of raspberries, which also provide a hint of tartness to round out the honey and hop flavors. Bottle Shop Series is an ever-evolving series of collaboration beers, with the next brewery taking their concept for a spin! Enjoy and Happy Valentine's Day!