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All Cans are Subject to Availability. This a List of All The Cans Released By Streetside Brewery.

Cinnamon Whiskey Demogorgan

Brought up from the depths of the Upside Down, Cinnamon Whiskey Demogorgon is a prodigious 11.3% ABV Imperial Stout, aged in cinnamon whiskey barrels. This monster presents mesmerizing flavors of spicy cinnamon and smooth whiskey with a mind-melting mouthfeel. We present to you Cinnamon Whiskey Barrel-Aged Demogorgon; a delicacy the Mind Flayer would surely savor.


Streetside's take on a traditional American Pale Ale, we took a traditional style and added some new school flair! Brewed with Amarillo and Citra hops, Golden Eye is highlighted with notes of lemon-lime, stone fruit, and citrus, followed by a crisp malty backbone. GoldenEye is crisp, light, and perfect for full day of imbibing!

Raspberry Beret

Inspired by the kind you find in a middle Ohio college town. Raspberry Beret is a tart raspberry Berliner Weisse with an enticing mix of crushed raspberry, tantalizing lemon zest, and delightful acidity that makes you want to sip it all again. It pours a bright magenta and finishes with a light cotton-candy head. We think you'll love her.

Vanilla Demogorgon

Streetside has raised another 13.5% ABV leviathan from the Upside Down for your pleasure. Vanilla Demogorgon was aged in New Riff Bourbon barrels until perfection, then hand scraped vanilla paste was added for your sipping pleasure. This colossus presents captivating flavors of vanilla and tones of dark chocolate for a mind-bending mouthfeel. We present to you, New Riff Bourbon Barrel aged Demogorgon with vanilla, a treat the Mind Flayer would surely adore.

Travel Weather

Oh, what a day...what a lovely day! The War Boys from Masthead made the trip down Fury Road to Streetside to brew up a massive New England Triple IPA with Citra, Mosaic, and Nelson Sauvin. The juicy, white wine bomb is sure to pave your way to Valhalla. Do not, my friends, become addicted to Travel Weather. It will take a hold of you, and you will resent its absence, and when this one is gone, it's gone for good!

Suh Brah

Starting with an intense nose of stone, fruit, grapefruit, and light pineapple, Suh, Brah?'s aromatics are created by piney dank notes from our double dry hop of Simcoe hopes. Suh, Brah?'s flavor leads with soft mango and pineapple, peach, and light dankness and then is rounded out by a soft, fluffy, almost creamy body.

Return of the Mac

Return of the Mac borrows the delicate flavors of our Managing Brewer's wife's favorite cup of Caramel Creme Coffee. Honey malt provides a slight sweetness, while fresh vanilla and creamy coconut balance out the notes of mild roasted coffee. It's a silky smooth brew you'll enjoy any time of the day.

F***k Lets Do It Lime

Streetside done did it again, we picked the perfect summer treat and made it in beer form. **** It We'll Do It Lime takes all the best parts of a key lime pie and transforms it into a magical gose. Delightful pie crust, tantalizing key lime, and a pleasant salinity come together for a great lawnmower slammer!