Camp Streetside

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Camp games, food, raffles and more. All to benefit the Cincinnati MDA Summer Camp.

Thursday, March 23 at 5 PM – 8 PM
Join us at Camp Streetside to welcome the warmer weather while raising money for an awesome cause – the Cincinnati MDA Summer Camp!

Every year kids from all over Cincinnati and Dayton with different forms of muscular dystrophy meet at Camp Campbell Gard for “the best week of the year.” It’s their week to feel like any other “normal” kid at summer camp. All camp activities are adapted to be accessible for all the campers.

Camp Streetside will feature camp-themed games, food, raffles and more, with all proceeds going to MDA! A portion of beer sales will be donated, and we will be collecting supplies from the camp wish list. For every item you bring, you will receive a FREE raffle ticket!  Hope to see you at Camp Streetside!

2017 MDA Summer Camp Wish List

Bug Repellant (Non-Aerosol)
Sunscreen SPF 50 (Non-Aerosol)
Ziploc Bags (2.5 Gallon, Gallon and Quart)
Exam Gloves (Non-Latex)
Batteries (AA & AAA)
Hand Sanitizer
Floor Fans
Gift Cards (Visa, Target, Amazon, etc.)

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