Brewer For a Day Raffle

Brewer For a Day Raffle

We, at Streetside Brewery, are very fortunate to be able to remain open (although with limited hours) throughout this unprecedented time. Whereas many others have not been so lucky. To show our support for the community, we have come up with a fun way to help those in need during this time. Introducing our latest raffle for a brewing experience like no other! For $10 a ticket, you will enter for the eligibility to be a part of the creation of a new beer here at Streetside Brewery. The winner will help develop their dream beer recipe, become immersed in the brewing day and final packaging. The entirety of our proceeds raised will be donated to Streetchef Brigade employees and The Lee Initiative.

Here are the details of the winner’s prize below!

Recipe Development with the Brewers: You’ll help our brewers develop a production batch recipe of your choosing to be brewed at Streetside. Do you want to brew an Imperial Stout with Marshmallows? Great. Do you want to make a throwback West Coast IPA? Awesome. We will be here to help bring your beer to life.

Brew Day!: You’ll help our brewers throughout the day bringing your dream recipe to fruition, from mashing in to knocking out to squeegee-ing the floor (bring some boots) you will be intimately involved throughout the entire brewing process. You will get to see how your batch turns from milled grain to beautiful wort as we put it in the fermenter to await packaging. Once in the fermenter the brewers will take the beer and run with it, keeping you up to date as to when the beer will be transferred to a brite tank and prepared for packaging.

Packaging: The brewers (and you if you’d like, but kegging is boring) will keg the beer and put it on draft and await you to officially tap the beer and party with you and your friends at Streetside.