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Sobbing Mathematically, Lassi Gose

Sobbing Mathematically

Lassi Gose

Succulent, juicy notes highlight this milkshake-esque gose. Light vanilla and sweetness from the lactose smooth out the citrus tang, all while the salt and coriander add interesting lime and light saltiness to blow the mind!


Malts: Pilsner, White Wheat
Adjuncts: Pink Guava, Vanilla, Lactose

It’s One Louder - Wet Hop Amarillo, IPA

It’s One Louder – Wet Hop Amarillo


“It’s One Louder” is a SMaSH IPA with zero hops added to the boil meaning no IBUs. This beer is bursting with notes of citrus, pineapple, and a fist full of the dankest hops you’ve ever smelt. Finishing at a refreshing 6.9% and a bone-dry finish, this is a beer made to crush on our patio all autumn long.


Malts: Pale Ale
Hops: Amarillo

Believing Intensifies

Cherry Gose

This cherry gose sports delicious aromatics of Montmorency sour cherries that pop out of the glass while lightly complemented by sweet cherry. Hints of vanilla and salt finish this beer with a dazzling array of flavor.


Malts: Pilsner, White Wheat
Adjuncts: Tart Cherryl

Oh Heck Yes! Triple Berry Berliner Weisse

Oh Heck Yes!

Triple Berry Berliner Weisse

This triple berry berliner features blackberry jam and pie crust from the highest quality malt, swirled together in the glass, while enticing aromas of bright blueberry and raspberry caress your nose. Light blackberry and delicious berry flavor glide across your palette, ending with a beautiful lemon/citrus tang that delights and intrigues.


Malts: Pilsner, White Wheat
Adjuncts: Blackberry, Raspberry, Blueberry

Super Simple Pale Ale

Super Simple

Pale Ale

We are getting back to the basics with this pale ale. Showcasing the Falconer’s Flight and Centennial this beer has a piney and citrus hop aroma and flavor with subtle but firm bitterness and a hint of caramel with a solid malt backbone.


Malts: Pale Ale Malt, Crystal 60, Dextra-Pils
Hops: Falconers Flight, Centennial

Return of the Mac, Coffee Blonde

Return of the Mac

Coffee Blonde

Dripping in aromatics of coconut, honey, and fresh vanilla, blended together in a fresh cup of your favorite morning coffee, this coffee blonde showcases the best of beer and coffee with a silky body and luscious caramel creme flavors. Undercurrents of coconut cream pie and toasted pie crust make this a 5% banger not to be trifled with.


Malts: Pale Ale Malt, Honey Malt
Hops: Columbus
Adjuncts: Rooted Grounds Caramel Creme Coffee, Vanilla Bean

Alpha IPA


India Pale Ale

Citrus and Jolly Rancher fruit notes dominate this beer. We used Citra and El Dorado throughout to fulfill any hop head’s dreams, but with all that, we didn’t forget that an IPA needs malt as well. We incorporated Munich malt to add an orange tint and some back bone to balance the hops.


Malts: Pale Ale Malt, DextraPils
Adjuncts: Columbus, Citra, El Dorado

Tea Bags, Honey Blonde Ale with Green Tea

Tea Bags

Honey Green Tea Blonde Ale

We took a traditional blonde ale and decided to mess around a bit. Green tea and slight sweetness from the malt and honey are pervasive. The honey used is from our friendly local farmer, Josh, at Willow Branch Farm in Brooksville, KY. If you like iced green tea, you’ll like this beer.


Malts: Pilsner, Willow Branch Farm Honey
Hops: Columbus
Adjuncts: Essencha Tea – Dragonwell and Jasmine Green

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